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Gong Ran


Gong Ran

Professional   Title

Associate   Professor


Department   of Automotive Engineering





Short   Biography

I got my Doctor Degree of mechanical engineering in Zhejiang University,Chinain 2009. Since that time, I have been working for Department of Automotive   Engineering in Jiangsu    University.

Teaching   Courses

1. Modern   design for automotive Engineering

2. Measuring   and testing technique

Research   Fields

My current research   focuses on modeling and simulation for sliding contact of seal, thermal   viscoelastic instability, friction and wear of dry and lubricated contacts.

Selected   Publications

1. Gong   R, Zhou C, Che HJ, Zhu MT, Xu XM. Analytical   and experimental study on sliding contact of sealing ring in the wet clutch. Proceedings   of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile   Engineering, 2015, DOI:10.1177/0954407014567205.

2. Gong   R, Chen YL, Che HJ, Zhu MT. Multiscale simulation of sliding contacts   between two rough sealing surfaces. Proceedings of the Institution of   Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology, 2014,   228(3): 339-351.

3. Gong   R, Xu Y, Che HJ, Zhang H. Discrete modeling and state   analysis of micro sliding contacts between rough surfaces of isothermal   sealing ring. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2014, 50(9): 77-83. (in Chinese)

4. Gong   R, Wan XJ, Zhang XR.   Tribological properties   and failure analysis   of PTFE composites used for seals in   the transmission unit. Journal   of Wuhan University of Technology-Materials Science, 2013, 28(1): 26-30.


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