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Department of Power Machinery Engineering

Overview of the Department of Power Machinery and Engineering

The discipline has 48 staff members, including 7 doctorate instructors, 12 professors and 16 associate professors. All the teachers have strong strength. The age structure of the team is reasonable. The record of formal schooling and title level of them are higher. All of them have excellent traditional teaching ability and rich teaching experiences. The government fund issues and enterprise entrusts scientific research projects all the teachers undertake are more than 20 every year. The research funds are more than 2 million. The Thermal Energy and Power Engineering (Dynamic Mechanical Engineering and Automation) is the characteristic major in Jiangsu province. The major has a mature and integrity teaching system and they insist on constant innovation. Moreover, the ability of scientific research and the teaching facilities conditions are in the forefront of the same kind in China. The related research institutions include small and medium-sized power engine engineering research center in Jiangsu province and automobile engine emission institute (laboratory) in Jiangsu University.

There are 230 undergraduates studying in this major now. Based on the key subject-power machinery and engineering doctoral program in Jiangsu province, the department has more than 80 doctors and masters enrolled. The undergraduate and graduate students are well received in the domestic automobile and engine enterprise and scientific research colleges and in short supply. They make great contribution to the development of the internal combustion engine industry and the car industry for our country.


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