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Department of Vehicle Engineering

Overview of the Department of Vehicle Engineering


The history of the automotive engineering can be traced back to 1958. Over the past several decades, the Department of Automotive Engineering has played an important part in higher education and automotive industry inEastern China. The department seeks to advance science and technology in the automobile industry through integration of fundamental professional knowledge and its application in automotive engineering. The department currently has 53 faculty and staff members, including 18 professors and 21 associate professors.

Apart from normal teaching responsibilities, the department has also successively undertaken over 200 scientific research programs and school-enterprise cooperation projects, mainly financed by the National Natural Science Fund of China, the National 863 (high-tech research and development) program, the Natural Sciences Fund of Jiangsu Province and many enterprises as well. Endowed with a pleasant climate, picturesque surroundings and a favorable academic atmosphere, both teachers and students are actively engaged in many scientific research programs. With the combined endeavor of all faculty and students, great achievements have been made on many projects and we are looking forward to more and better.

Believing that high-level education is our original purpose, the Department of Automotive Engineering has always sought to exhibit the highest standards of quality teaching and deliver the best learning opportunities to our students, aiming at cultivation of innovative thoughts, scientific attitudes and practical ability in students. The professional curriculum is based on that belief, both in its structure and organization and its methods of facilitating student learning. Students graduated from the school have a wide range of knowledge and high quality. Since its establishment, the students have enjoyed a reputation from the society and the employers.

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