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Tang Dong


Tang Dong

Professional   Title



Power Machinery Engineering





Short   Biography

I   graduated from the major of internal combustion engine in Jiangsu institute   of technology in 1991 and was awarded my Ph.D. in 2007 at Jiangsu university.   I was promoted to Professor in 2009. In 2005-2006 I was a visiting scholar at   Aachen university of technology in Germany.

Teaching   Courses

Principle   and Theory of ICE——Bilingual Teaching

Turbo-charging of   ICE——Bilingual Teaching

Research   Fields

Alternative   fuels of ICE and new energy application,

Combustion and emissions controlling of power machinery.

Selected   Publications

1) Tang Dong et al.. Simulation of the Gas-solid Two-phase Flow of Leakage Current   Particulate Matter Sensor for Diesel Engine, Chinese Internal Combustion   Engine Engineering, 2015/03. (In Chinese)

2) Tang Dong   et al.. Numerical   simulation of the effects of operating parameters on the electrical   performance of DEFC, Advanced Materials Research, 2013/791-793.

3) Tang Dong   et al.. Investigation on Electrical Performance of Tubular Cathode for Direct   Ethanol Fuel Cell, Advanced Materials Research, 2012/557-559.

4) Tang Dong et al.. Investigation on   generation performance for tubular direct methanol fuel cell, Advanced Materials Research, 2011/152-153.

5) Tang Dong et al.. NOx and   Particulate Emissions Numerical Simulation of Diesel Blended with Biodiesel,Transactions of CSAE,2011/07.(In Chinese)

6) Tang Dong et   al..   Calculation and experiment of combustion heat release in dual fuel engine   based on BP neural network, Journal of Jiangsu University(Natural Science   Edition),2010/01. (In Chinese)


Science and   Technology Progress Prizes awarded by Jiangsu Province Government, 2004

Scientific Paper   Prizes awarded by Zhenjiang City Government, 2010

Science and   Technology Progress Prizes awarded by Chinese Association of Machinery   Industry, 2010

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