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Introduction of Scholarships and Grants in School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering
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  Learning Excellence Award, which aims to reward students for their excellent study, includes the first prize, the second prize and the third prize, with a reward of 3000 Yuan/year, 1000 Yuan/year and 500 Yuan/year , accounting for 3﹪, 8﹪and 17﹪of the total number of students respectively. It should be noted that academic excellence is a necessary condition to get this award but meanwhile students’ overall performance both in and out of school, study and living life, will also be taken into account.

  Scholarships for helping the poor students focus on providing financial help for financially difficult students and these scholarships can be divided into two types: the first is open to all the students in this university, namely university-level scholarships, the main source of scholarships and grants; the other is only open to the students in our school. The university-level scholarship, taking the state-funded scholarship and grant as its main source, is set according to relevant national assisting policies combined with actual situation. Such scholarships and grants can be divided into national grants, school grants and social grants. Altogether, more than 50% students could get scholarship or grant of any type. In addition, we also try to win favors from alumni and cooperative groups to set scholarships for our school students, such as STK scholarship for graduate students and JIFU Power Scholarship for undergraduates, and etc.

  Our school encourages financially difficult students to settle their financial difficulty by studying hard to achieve Learning Excellence Award and also requires that students receiving grants must apply for and take a part-time job in the campus, do volunteer activities. We try our best to ensure that students with good academic performance, moral quality, integrity and trustworthiness can get financial help. We educate students to repay the society so that more financially difficult students could get financial assistance.

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