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Li Jiehui
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Li Jiehui



Professional Title



Power Machinery Engineering




Short Biography

  Currently a professor and master’s supervisor   at the Jiangsu University. Graduated from the major of Power Machinery and   Engineering  in JiangSu University and was awarded my Master’s   Degree  in 1992 and Ph.D. in 2006 at Jiangsu university. In 2007 I was a   visiting scholar at Technical University of Berlin in Germany. My teaching   and research areas are Electronic Control Technology of Internal Combustion   Engine and Emission Control Technology of Internal Combustion Engine.

Teaching Courses

Electronic Control Technology of   Internal Combustion Engine

Principle of Automobile Engine

Electric Control and Management System   of Internal Combustion Engine

Research Fields

Electronic control technology   and emission control technology of automobile engine

Selected Publications

1.Research on the performance and emission characteristics of   the LNG­diesel marine   engine, Journal of Naural Gas Science and Engineering,2015,27(11).SCI

2.Optimization of exhaust emissions from marine engine fueled   with LNG/diesel using response surface methodology,Energy Sources, Part A:   Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, Published online:15 Apr   2019.SCI

3.Invention patent: a hardware circuit detection device for SCR   system control unit of diesel engine. Patent No.: zl201610193256.8

4.Invention patent: an electronic control system for small   single cylinder four stroke gasoline engine. Patent No.: zl201510628704.8

5.Invention patent: a vehicle engine remote monitoring and   calibration and big data collection system based on cloud computing platform.   Patent No.: zl201710003647.3

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