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Li Xiaohua
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Li Xiaohua



Professional Title



Power Machinery and Engineering



Short Biography

2002/09-2012/06  Major in Power   Machinery Engineering, School of Automobile and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu   University. PhD

1998/09-2001/06  Major in Vehicle   Engineering, School of Automobile and Traffic

Engineering, Jiangsu University.   Master of Engineering

1991/09-1995/06  Major in   Mechanical Designing and Manufacturing, Department of agricultural machinery,   Jiangsu of University Science and Technology. Bachelor of Engineering

2001/06-   Jiangsu   University

1995/07-0998/08 Nantong Diesel Engine   co., Ltd. Engineer

Teaching Courses

The flow of gas in an internal   combustion engine

Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical   Engineering

Construction of Internal Combustion   Engine

Principles of Internal-Combustion   Engine

Research Fields

Biomass Energy

Internal combustion engine working   process

Internal combustion engine emission   control technology

Selected Publications

1. Xiaohua Li, Chao Hu, Shanshan Shao, Yixi Cai, Xiaolei Zhang. In   situ catalytic upgrading of pyrolysis vapours from vacuum pyrolysis of rape   straw over La/MCM-41, Journal   of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 140 (2019) 213–218

2. Xiaohua Li, Xiaolei Zhang, Shanshan Shao⁎, Liangxiu Dong, Jin   Zhang, Chao Hu, Yixi Cai. Catalytic upgrading of pyrolysis vapor from rape   straw in a vacuum pyrolysis system over La/HZSM-5 with hierarchical   structure, Bioresource Technology, 259 (2018) 191–197

3. Xiaohua Li, Weijun Li ,   Yixi Cai, Yunxi Shi, Yi Zheng, Hui Xu, Xiaoyu Pu, Linbo Gu. Deposit removal   in EGR cooler and effectiveness improvement by non-thermal plasma reactor   with different gas sources, Applied   Thermal Engineering, 111 (2017) 694–702

4. Xiaohua Li, Liangxiu Dong, Jin Zhang, Chao Hu, Xiaolei Zhang,   Yixi Cai, Shanshan Shao.In-situ catalytic upgrading of biomass-derived vapors   using HZSM-5 and MCM-41: Effects of mixing ratios on bio-oil preparation,   Journal of the Energy Institute, 92 (2019) 136-143

5. Xiaohua Li, Wenbin Dong, Jin Zhang, Shanshan Shao, Yixi Cai.   Preparation of bio-oil derived from catalytic upgrading of biomass vacuum   pyrolysis vapor over metal-loaded HZSM-5 zeolites, Journal of the Energy Institute

6. Li Xiaohua, Zhu Yongchen, Shao Shanshan, Zhang Xiaolei, and Hu   Chao.Optimization for online catalytic upgrading of bio-oil from rape straw   over MCM-22 zeolite, ENERGY   SOURCES, PART A: RECOVERY


1.China automotive industry science   and technology award, third prize (2017)

2.Jiangsu province science and   technology progress award, third prize (2017)

3. Science and Technology Progress Prizes awarded by Chinese   Association of Machinery Industry(2012)

4.Science and Technology Progress   Prizes awarded by Society of Automotive Engineering of China(2009)

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