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Pei Lei
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Pei Lei



Professional Title



Automotive Engineering Research Institute


+86 18045117696


Short Biography

Education Background

2010.9-2016.7,   Ph.D., Electrical   Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology

2002.9-2006.12,   M.S. and B.E., Instrument Science, Harbin Institute of Technology

Working Experience

2016.9-2018.9, Lecturer, Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu   University

2016.9-2018.9,   Independent Researcher, WPT&BMS Laboratory, Harbin Institute of   Technology

Research Fields

Battery whole-life management including capacity-loss   diagnostic, life-time prediction, and on-board state estimation.

Selected Publications

1.          Capacity-loss diagnostic and life-time prediction in lithium-ion   batteries: Part 1. Development of a capacity-loss diagnostic method based on   open-circuit voltage analysis, Journal of Power Sources, 2016, 301:187-193.

2.          Development of a voltage relaxation model for rapid open-circuit   voltage prediction in lithium-ion batteries, Journal of Power Sources, 2014,   253:412-418.

3.          Online peak power prediction based on a parameter and state   estimator for lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles, Energy, 2014,   66:766-778.

Selected Projects

1.          Optimization Strategy of Power Sharing among Parallel Energy   Storage Units at Different Aging States Based on Modelling of Batteries’   Capacity-loss Trajectories under Coupling Factors, National Natural Science   Foundation of China, 2020.

2.          State estimation of lithium-ion batteries for large scale energy   storage, State Grid Project, 2019.


1.          China Patent Excellence Award (3/5)

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