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Shen Yujie
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Shen Yujie



Professional Title



Automotive Engineering




Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2012.9-2018.6), Traffic Engineering,   Jiangsu University

(2015.09-2016.09), Department   of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol, Joint Training Ph.D

B.E.(2008.9-2012.6), Vehicle   Engineering, Jiangsu University

Working Experience

2018.06-now,   Lecturer, Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University,

Research Fields

(1)   Vehicle system dynamics control

(2)   Inerter element and its application in engineering

(3)   Network synthesis

Selected Publications

[1]   Shen Yujie, Chen Long,   Yang Xiaofeng, Shi Dehua, Yang Jun. Improved design of dynamic vibration absorber by using the   inerter and its application in vehicle suspension. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2016, 361:   148-158.

[2] Shen Yujie, Chen Long, Liu   Yanling, Zhang Xiaoliang. Modeling and optimization of vehicle suspension employing a   nonlinear fluid inerter. Shock   and Vibration, 2016:   1-9.

[3]   Shen Yujie, Chen Long,   Liu Yanling, Zhang Xiaoliang, Yang Xiaofeng. Optimized modeling and   experiment test of a fluid inerter. Journal of Vibroengineering, 2016, 18(5): 2789-2800.

[4]   Shen Yujie, Chen Long, Liu   Yanling, Zhang Xiaoliang. Analysis   on vibration transfer characteristics of vehicle suspension system employing   inerter. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2017, 55(4): 1245-1256.

[5]   Shen Yujie, Chen Long,   Liu Yanling, Zhang Xiaoliang. Influence of fluid inerter nonlinearities   on vehicle suspension performance. Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2017, 9(11): 1-10.

[6]   Shen Yujie, Chen Long,   Liu Yanling, Yang Xiaofeng. Improvement   of the Lateral Stability of Vehicle Suspension incorporating Inerter. Science   China-Technological Sciences, 2018, 61(8): 1244-1252.

[7]   Shen Yujie, Liu Yanling, Chen Long, Yang Xiaofeng. Optimal design and   experimental research of vehicle suspension based on a hydraulic electric   inerter. Mechatronics, 2019,61:12-19.

[8]   Shen Yujie, Shi Dehua, Chen Long, Liu Yanling, Yang Xiaofeng. Modeling   and experimental tests of hydraulic electric inerter. Science   China-Technological Sciences, 2019,


2018   Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Jiangsu University

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